Friday, August 15, 2008


It turns out that 6 of our friends(Rachel, David, Wes, Lindsay, Katherine, and Jay) moved to Kansas City recently. So last weekend we went to visit all of them. We left Friday after I got off work, so we didn't get there til like 9:30. We stayed the night with Wes, Lindsay, and Ruby so Rachel and David came over to their apartment(which is really cute) and the girls just sat around the computer looking at cats and dogs on Saturday we went to the Legends which is an outdoor shopping center(it had a theme of The Wizard of Oz). The guys enjoyed Cabela's the most, well and I guess the girls liked it too. We left the Legends and headed to the Plaza for the Cheesecake Factory. Justin and I ended up buying a cheesecake to take home with us(our best purchase yet). After that we went to the Royals baseball game. It was a great time to just sit around and chat. We left the game and headed to David and Rachel's for game time! We played catchphrase and taboo. The guys won catchphrase because they are slow and the girls won taboo because we are fast. It was a great time! That night we stayed with David and Rachel in their house(loved it!). We got up Sunday morning and all eight of us went to church together because they are all still looking for a church. It turned out that all of them loved the church. After church we had lunch at Stroud's, which is "homestyle" cookin. It was YUMMY even though they didn't have sweet tea. From there Justin and I headed back to Rogers, but we didn't want to leave. We had such a great weekend, because we have the BEST friends ever!!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Weekend at the Lake

So this past weekend we were invited to go to the lake with Brian, Sydney, Jenny, Daniel, Mr. Ross, and Mrs. Ross. We had a great time! We got there pretty late on Friday night so we just hung out at the condo. When we got up on Saturday we went on the lake early so we could ski and wakeboard before the lake got too busy. We had a little bit of boat trouble, but got it fixed in time to go out after lunch. We tubed that afternoon and just hung out in water because it was really hot. For dinner that night we drove over on the boat to Sam's Pizza. It was very good, but Jen and I thought we were gunna have heat strokes. When we got back to the condo we played MadGab. The girls won, of course. Sunday, we went out for a few more hours and then Justin and I had to head back to Rogers because it is like a 3 and a half hour drive. On the way home, we met up with my parents and Sarah in Alma for some ice cream. They went up to Fayetteville to move Sarah into her apartment. It was really good to see them for a little bit. Justin and I had a great weekend!