Monday, November 16, 2009

Growing up so fast!!

So I have obviously gotten the tests back from my heart thing...everything looked fine. I feel a lot better about everything. Thanks for the prayers!

Well Parker has been doing great! He is growing everyday. Our favorite time of day is when Justin gets home and we give Parker a bath. He seems to love the water. The sad thing is that Parker has stinking baby acne. I didn't expect this at all. They say it's from my hormones and will last a few weeks. I had to cancel his pictures. I hope it goes away soon, I miss his beautiful skin. Besides the acne, he has been eating more and pooping bigger!! He is definitely growing. He holds his head up very well. I try to give him some tummy time everyday. He can turn his head back and forth. I kinda feel like he is growing up too fast. Justin and I are very proud parents.

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