Friday, January 29, 2010

Davis family update...

Well you would think a lot has been going on since my last post, but not a whole lot has happened. Parker has been growing like a weed which is bitter sweet. It's fun to see him grow into a little man, but a little sad because I know he won't be a baby for long. He rolled over the other day. I really think he rolled over because he is top heavy and it kind of just carried him over. Justin and I say he just has a big brain. The best thing about Parker right now is that he smiles and giggles a lot. He really thinks his daddy is halarious, which is no suprise.

We have traveled a lot over Parker's 3 months. We have been to Little Rock and Shreveport to see family. I have really enjoyed being able to stay home with Parker. I feel truly blessed. He keeps me busy. I can't keep up with the laundry with two stinky boys in the house, but i lovely every minute with them.

We have had a lot of winter weather in Rogers. We are actually stuck in the house today because of ice and tons of snow. I'm ok with the weather because Justin is working out of the house. I really am ready for spring though. Parker and I want to take some walks.

We go to the doctor for Parker's 4 month check up at the end of Feb. We are hoping to start rice cereal after that check up. Recently he just doesn't seem to be satisfied. He was sleeping through the night so well and this week he keeps waking up hungry. So we are looking forward to his doctors appointment.

We are hoping to do some more traveling to Kansas City and Dallas. I really miss all my friends!

Here are some recent pictures of Parker...

About to grow out of his bassinet

At his 2 month doctors appointment

Looks more and more like his daddy everyday

Sunday after church ritual

Loves his mobile

First basketball game...couldn't believe he fell asleep it was very loud!

He can't keep his hands out of his mouth...Justin can't stand it

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the Fords said...

yah! a post, i dont know who is worse, you or me? i dont have a baby to blog about so i think you win :)

David and Rachel said...

BFF and E

David and Rachel said...

More posts! More posts please!

WSJ said...

Hey this your friend Luke !!!

I have been woundering what happened to you since I lost your phone number and then I find this blog about you just randomly out of nowhere by accident by reading someone elses blog.I need to get your cell phone number and you can send it to me at my email at we need catch up !!!